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Health Article #1: Telemedicine Basics
As technology evolves, doctors are finding more ways to efficiently and conveniently care for their patients. One such method is through the use of telemedicine- a form of technology-based communication that allows a doctor and patient to communicate without being in the same physical space. Read this article to find out the ins and outs of telemedicine and how to prepare for an appointment!

Health Article #2: Telemedicine
Telemedicine offers numerous benefits for both doctors and patients. Read this article to learn about the following advantages: 1) Remote Access, 2) Specialist Availability, 3) Cost Savings, and 4) Convenient Care.

Health Article #3: Get to Know Telemedicine
Are you wondering when the best time to use telemedicine would be? Do you still have questions on how it works? Read this article to learn more about when and when not to use telemedicine and gain further insight on how this service is administered through your doctor!

Monthly Planner
In addition to the great resources above, be on the lookout out for the WellConnected Healthy Planner! This planner contains monthly health information, recipes, and week-by-week planning sheets to help you stay organized throughout the month. This month’s planner contains information on fitness trackers, 3 eating plans to help you follow federal dietary guidelines, and recipes for Cheesy Swiss Steak and Wheat Berry Chili!

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Overview of our monthly Health Management topics: 2019 Annual Health Management Calendar

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