January 2019 WellConnected Resources

Women's Health

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This month’s WellConnected resources focus on Women’s Health! You will learn about the top four preventive care screenings for women’s health as well as other important screenings and tests that can help to detect disease and illness early on. The WellConnected newsletter also contains information on the danger of fad diets, avoiding winter illnesses, tips to fight the post-holiday blues, and a healthy recipe for Kale and Tuna Salad! 

Health Article #1: 4 Screenings for Women’s Health
Preventive care, including regular doctor visits, is important for everyone. There are certain tests and screenings that are specific to women and their needs. Consider incorporating these four screenings, test, and exams into your life to promote good health and prevent the onset of certain conditions.

Health Article #2: Women’s Health” Preventive Screenings, Part 1   
Women should regularly meet with their doctor to discuss their overall health. This article delves into Bone Density tests, Dental Exams, Eye Exams, Hearing Tests, Skin Exams and Blood Pressure Screenings.

Health Article #3: Women’s Health: Preventive Screenings, Part 2
Establishing consistent visits with your doctor will not only make you feel more comfortable, but will also help your doctor get to know you and your body, making it easier to detect changes. This article continues the discussion in Health Article #2 by exploring other important screenings for Women’s Health.   

Monthly Planner
In addition to the great resources above, be on the lookout out for the WellConnected Healthy Planner! This planner contains monthly health information, recipes, and week-by-week planning sheets to help you stay organized throughout the month. This month’s planner contains information on keeping your skin healthy during the winter, making S.M.A.R.T New Year’s Resolutions, and recipes for light as a feather whole-wheat pancakes and fiesta hummus!


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