Defying the Odds: An Extraordinary Woman with Extraordinary Goals featuring Crystal Kelly

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Our latest podcast has just been published!! Defying the Odds: An Extraordinary Woman with Extraordinary Goals featuring MMA Northeast’s own Crystal Kelly

Crystal Kelly, a shining example of someone who believes that anything is possible as long as you have a strong focus, drive, and dedication.

Crystal is a motivational speaker, Amazon best-selling author, and a community organizer who started a foundation, Power of your Purse. The story behind all of these achievements showcase Crystal’s passion for personal and professional growth.

Her drive and dedication can be traced far back to her childhood. Conditions were not always the best, but Crystal found that with a supportive family and a never-say-never attitude, we all have the power within us to defy the odds.

Crystals foundation and book can be found through the links below: Women Who Lead: Extraordinary Women with Extraordinary Achievements.


Anthony GruppoMeet Anthony Gruppo
CEO, Author, Motivational Speaker

Anthony is currently the CEO of the Marsh and McLennan Agency Northeast. Anthony is the author of six books, journals, a blog and is a sought after speaker. In his numerous published creations, he focuses on personal and organizational development. Anthony developed an effective proprietary strategic model “Six Degrees of Impact” which he presents to national and international corporations. His model successfully helps colleagues and companies achieve and surpass their goals. As the creator and host of his podcast, The Roots of Leadership, Anthony provides a unique platform for his listeners to learn from his and other leaders innovations and motivations. Nationally, Anthony has successfully turned around underperforming operating companies into high achieving award winning enterprises. Anthony‘s mission is to help others weld their passion to their potential to increase their performance.