Volunteering at Westwood Recreations Special Needs Activity Program (SNAP)

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I enjoy seeing the positive impact these programs have created for the children. I intend to stay involved with this for many years to come.”

Words representing Sean Quill’s devotion to driving impact within his community. The photo above was featured in a February 2017 newsletter exclusively for Westwood, NJ residents.

Photo: Sean Quill (far right) standing with participants and volunteers at Westwood Recreations Special Needs Activity Program (SNAP) soccer program.  

For more than a decade, Sean had coached recreational sports (baseball, basketball, softball and traveling soccer) for his daughter and twin sons. A year before his kids went off to college, Westwood was seeking a special needs coach.

Sean jumped at the opportunity and was instrumental in organizing Westwood NJ’s first indoor soccer program for special needs children. Currently, he serves as the coordinator/ head coach.

His efforts have not stopped there, Sean also volunteers as a coach for the special needs basketball program. Altogether, Sean has been involved with the SNAP program for more than 4 years.

Download the attached to read more from the MyWestwood newsletter. See page 5 of to learn more about the SNAP programs.