Leadership Spotlight: Meet MMA's Lori Baronian

Director of Human Resources

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Q: Describe yourself in 3 words
A: Quick-witted, energetic, friendly.

Q: How long have you worked at MMA & what do you love the most about working here?
A: I am nearing the decade mark.You guessed I’d say “the people”, but to be more specific, it’s the leadership. Shared core values amongst the MMA Leadership team have directly impacted my tenure here. The cascading effect of those relationships created the wonderful relationships with the people that were here long before me, and the ones I’ve had a part in bringing in and working with across company..

Q: What advice would you give your 25 year old self today?
A: I’ll have to defer that question until next year! ; )

Q: When you aren’t at work where are people most likely to find you?
A: At “Everybody Fights” or hanging out in my cozy condo {often with my main man Bubba} – extravert by day, introvert by night.

Q: What is the last movie you saw in theaters/concert you went to/book you read/Netflix series you binge watched?
A: Jason Aldean and Kid Rock at Fenway.  A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll and all American.

Q: If you could pick one food or drink that had no negative impact on your health what would it be? 
A: Everything Maple.

Bonus: FUN FACT:
Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you.

A: I’m the proud owner of the domain name MandatoryFamilyFun.com - I have yet to do anything with it, but just you wait!

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